new mural

check it out. painted by cheyne ellett and i for viva pomona fest.worker bee works hard to fight death and destruction in the modern destructive culture. construction worker invades the land and builds humanities overloaded mind numbing palooza. the colors are kind of weird because i sourced them locally from the city dump. also on the weekend this was shown it was raining so this sad mural sat alone on a corner in pomona:(

easter egg: we eat dinner in the video. delicious salsa

new muralIMG_1042 IMG_1055


Future Happenings Art Show

Back in February, I did an art show with a bunch of old and new friends at SPACE gallery in Pomona, California. It was my second show at an actual gallery, and for the first time I sold a few pieces. It feels good to finally make decent money doing the thing I love to do. It almost doesn’t feel real. The show was awesome and everybody contributed amazing work. So thank you SPACE gallery and Cheyne Ellet! These Pictures are taken off the Active Ride Shop Flickr and from my friend tony over at so thank you both as well!15922206864_d0e2c72e67_o 15924590223_559dc185b1_o 16357093138_e2e943b91b_o 16544799425_40d7fc54fd_o DSC_0251 DSC_0252 DSC_0253 DSC_0254

I’m Back!

I know i only made two posts on here but the past year has been a very transitionary time for me. But I can now say that I’m back with new experiences and inspiration, and I’m making art everyday. Stay face cluster

last time/lost time mini zine


last week I started preparing everything for the 2014 Los Angeles Zine Fest coming up on February 16. First up on my to do list was a mini zine. this little guy is 16 pages full of black and white pen drawings, all created between December 2013 and January 2014. I gave a couple out at the LA Art Book Fair, but they will be fully stocked at zine fest, along with 3 other new zines. after that, it will be available up on the store here. cool!

DSCF1653 is live!


hey everybody!

Thanks for checking out my new site.  Its part blog, part portfolio, and part online shop. I know there’s not too much to look at right now, but soon these pages will be filled with photos, videos, and write ups about all my projects, shows, and anything else cool that’s going on around here.  So favorite this page, or better yet just make this your home page, and get ready to see some cool things!

Here’s a couple upcoming events I will be at!

-Friday, January 31- Los Angeles Art Book Fair- I wont be tabling at this one, but I will have copies of my new mini zine “this was the worst day of my life” ready for trading!

-Saturday, February 15- “What’s love got to do with it?” Show-The Factory Red- I’ll have a new painting in this group show. The gallery is in downtown Huntington Beach and it’s their first gallery show.  Should be rad!

_Sunday, February 16- Los Angeles Zine Fest- I’ll be tabling at this awesome gathering of artists, poets, activists, doodlers, etc. for the second year in a row now. I’ll be releasing my new zine here, CLOUDFATHER issue #6!


-kyle cloudfather